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Festival: Tremezzina Gastronomica 2016

50 years after its first edition and after decades of oblivion, interrupted only by a few occasional initiatives, the Tremezzina Gastronomic Festival is back. It comes back renewed, revisited and broadened. Moreover, with its coming back, it meets an extraordinary novelty, that its first promoter, Giangiuseppe Brenna, would have really appreciated. The novelty of the Tremezzina reunited, by will of its people, under one Municipality. The new municipal district puts together different and proud identities and stories, a diversity that enriches the mutual heritage. In addition, the new municipality brings together histories and traditions that in the past already used to talk about the Tremezzina. As the Gastronomic Festival. The occasion to enjoy together, as friends, typical food and dishes, to meet up in places that helped and help to form the identity, the way of being a community and of opening up and presenting this extraordinary piece of land to the world. The culture of the good food and of the good living. In Tremezzina, after the summer, to share the pleasures of the table, the reception and the friendship. To appreciate the beauty that is area can offer throughout the year.

Current & upcoming events

Sorry, there are currently no events scheduled for Tremezzina Gastronomica 2016.

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