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Osservatorio del Monte Galbiga

GAL Public Observations 2019

The Social Astronomical Observatory is the pride of the Gruppo Astrofili Lariani, the crowning achievement of over ten years of efforts in the activities of astronomical-scientific dissemination.

The idea to build an observatory was born in 1992 after a public observation of Gruppo Astrofili Lariani, invited by Prof. Corrado Lamberti, made by the Lenno lido on the occasion of the meteoric swarm of Perseids.

Public Observations

The openings for the public take place monthly in the summer period (from June to October), while in the winter are not scheduled due to snow.

The entrance is for groups of ten people, who are guided to observe the astronomical subjects visible during the evening. While waiting for their turn, visitors can entertain themselves in the observation of the sky with the naked eye, with the help of the operators of the LAG.

The objects that can be observed range from the Moon to the major planets, ending with the so-called “deep sky” objects, i.e. nebulae, star clusters and galaxies.

Current & upcoming events

Sorry, there are currently no events scheduled for GAL Public Observations 2019.

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