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Gravedona Chamber Music Festival 2022

The Gravedona Chamber Music Festival, organised by ClassicAreale association, was generated from the wish of Dr. Clara Curtoni and Maestro Jacopo Di Tonno to share the beauty and magic of chamber music with the belief that music is the best medicine for the soul…
It is an important event in the European classical music festival scene and every year artists and chamber groups of international renown participate.
With great enthusiasm the cellist Enrico Dindo accepted the Festival’s honorary presidency and his music-making and concept will always be our model, guideline and source of inspiration.
In the first edition of the “Gravedona Chamber Music Festival” we will have as guest of honour the violinist Francesca Dego, supporter of the project as well as “honorary member” of the Association, who has enthusiastically accepted to contribute to the musical life of Lake Como being originally from Colico.
The “Gravedona Chamber Music Festival”, which will be held in August, will take place at the Palazzo Gallio.

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