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Festival: Festival di Bellagio e del Lago di Como 2021

From the first edition until today, with more than three hundred events, the Bellagio and Lake Como Festival has proposed a path of art, music, literature able to cross the entire region of the Lake; a project of Cultural Tourism that comes to life from the legacy of reference figures of the international musical heritage.

The artistic project of the X Edition of the Bellagio and Lake Como Festival wants to be a special tribute to the Italian spirit, to the Italian musical culture, to the Italian tradition, in order to strengthen and recover all the value that traveling in Italy has always had for artists, and not only. No less than the beauty of art and landscape, fashion and cuisine, Italian music has always been an emblem of the culture of the Bel Paese. In all ages, from the ancient masters of the sacred repertoire to the contemporary composers of international cinema, Italian artists have always been the most requested and acclaimed in the world. To remember or rediscover the national pride, but also to celebrate with the international audience the restart of the tourism and entertainment system in Italy, the tenth edition of the Festival of Bellagio and Lake Como 2021 will be entirely dedicated to Italian composers, from the Renaissance to the present day.

The masterpieces of madrigal and baroque opera, the virtuosity of instrumental music and the great masters of romantic melodrama, to get to popular Neapolitan music and soundtracks awarded with the Oscar, a path without preclusion of genres, in the common denominator of Italy celebrated in music. The connection with the places becomes therefore an essential element; the Lake has always been a “classic” place of and in the world. The conjunction between the beauty of the places (historical residences, inner courtyards, basilicas and churches, museums, prestigious hotels and expression of the territory) and the relevance of the chosen repertoire, becomes strength and lever for the thickening of the tourist-cultural value of our project.

The aim of the Festival of Bellagio and Lake Como will be to bring back our Lake as a tourist destination and cultural reference at national and international level, calendaring a series of events able to create appointments of re-sensitization to beauty.

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Sorry, there are currently no events scheduled for Festival di Bellagio e del Lago di Como 2021.

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