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Villa Mainona - Museo del Paesaggio del Lago di Como

Edition 2019 “Segreta Isola”: Amore e Psiche

From September 7th to September 28th 2019 at the Museo del Paesaggio del Lago di Como will take place the third edition of Segreta Isola: Art exhibition in Villa Mainona.

The exhibition entitled “Amore e Psiche” is part of the perspective of enhancing the territory of Como through Art and Culture.
This third edition is intended to be a tribute to Lake Como and the famous people who crossed it.

In the three weekends following the opening of the artistic exhibition, as in previous years, events are planned in collaboration with representatives of the world of literature, poetry, music and theater.

The theme Love and Psyche

The artistic event planned for the Rassegna Segreta Isola 2019 could only invite to explore the complex relationship between territory and soul, a place never sufficiently known, subject to the infinite evolutions of the psyche, often hidden and barely perceived between the thin and unfathomable walls of the human soul.
Love, with its immediate and propulsive force, reveals, depending on the intensity of intuition, places, landscapes, people and stories, often leading to the creation of artistic works: music, dance, painting, sculpture, photography and cinema.
Lake Como has attracted and continues to attract illustrious personalities and artists of international renown, who, subjugated by the beauty of the landscape and the liquid mood of its thousands of colors, contrasts and shades, live the enchantment of a bond destined to last over time.
Over the centuries, many places have stimulated works and compositions of extreme beauty, imperishable evidence of the passage of great figures.
For example, to name just some of them: Leonardo da Vinci, Stendhal, Goethe, Liszt, Bellini, Fogazzaro, Manzoni, Hitchcock, and many of the most famous film actors in the world.
How is it possible to avoid embarking on a journey in search of lost time, in the footsteps of the characters who loved, lived and interpreted Lake Como leaving indelible and fascinating footprints?

Event planners and curators:
Doriam Battaglia, President of the Cultural Association SEGRETA ISOLA
Albertina Nessi, Vice President.

Graphic design
Ivanna Boris and Barbara Molteni

Artists exhibitors
Anna Laura Russi, Claudia Beulke, Clemente Tajana, Davide Romanò, Doriam Battaglia, Elisabetta Meneghello, Filippo Borella, Franca D’Alfonso, Giovanni Ronzoni, Leda Michelini, Loredana Lombardo, Luisella Abbondi, Mara Quairoli, Maria Kerelina, Marzia Mauri, Massimo Porcelli, Nataliya Teslenko, Peter Seelig. With the participation of:
Carlo Pozzoni and Alberto Colombo.

Current & upcoming events

Sorry, there are currently no events scheduled for Edition 2019 “Segreta Isola”: Amore e Psiche.

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