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Boscultura 2019

For 2019 Schignano organizes the sixth edition of the natural art event “Boscultura” with a new format.
The intent of this edition is to celebrate the fruit of the work that has been achieved with so much passion and enthusiasm, thus giving the right emphasis to the place that has allowed it all: the country.
The hamlet of Schignano, climbing the mountains of the Intelvi Valley, in the Comasco region, will be the real heart of the 2019 edition and will be the fulcrum of all the beautiful initiatives of the articulated calendar which unfolds for the first two weekends of June. In these dates tourists can enjoy the timeless atmosphere of this place, thanks to funny moments, but also poetic, made real and unmissable by the intervention of talented artists and the great storyteller of Lake Como, Davide Van De Sfroos.

“Boscultura” is an event which takes place between AlpeComana and the slopes of Sasso Gordona, in the hamlet of Schignano. The event from 2014 provides an annual appointment in which the highlight event is the installation of new wooden works along a picturesque and scenic path: Il Sentiero delle Espressioni. Inaugurated 6 years ago with the first works has been, year by year, expanded and embellished. In 2015 works inspired by the “Expo” were created, in 2016 the sculptures were dedicated to the “Romantic Contraband”, a central topic in the history of our valleys. In 2017 the new works on the theme “Myths and legends of the mountain” have punctuated a new stretch and finally, in 2018, the last walkway that winds from the Colma di Binate to the first trenches of Sassetto, in the footsteps of the “Great War”.

During all these editions, 59 wooden sculptures have been inaugurated, and they are still on display today, embellishing the “Sentiero delle Espressioni” where it is possible to walk among nature, live and understand the history of this land.

In all these years, “Boscultura” has given the entire community real works of art and moments of aggregation thanks to the work of many people. Here, today, it lives a path to see and listen to, a place where you can hear the sounds of the forest, but also “listen” to the stories of the sculptures created by wood masters who, driven by a great passion, have spent days creating this form of natural art.

“Boscultura” is realized thanks to the synergy between the Associazione la Maschera di Schignano, Ersaf-Regione Lombardia, the Municipality of Schignano and the farm La Pratolina, the Prabello Refuge and thanks to the private activities that with their contribution support the initiative.

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