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Bellezze Interiori 2022

Festival Bellezze Interiori is a project realized and promoted by the social cooperative Tikvà – Economie Territoriali Inclusive, which promotes the opening of private gardens in the historic center of the City of Como and its surroundings.

For two days the secret environmental and architectural heritage becomes accessible and animated by inclusive cultural events, thanks to the collaboration between private owners, public and non-profit organizations and the protagonism of local communities.

Bellezze Interiori: the project

Bellezze Interiori (Inner Beauties) is an ambitious project born to make accessible to the public those places still unknown to most people:

an innovative project already successfully implemented by other Italian realities, in order to raise awareness of the protection of common goods, educate to respect the environment and rediscover the beauty of our historical and cultural heritage through the opening of green spaces.

An opening not only purely physical of the gates, but also interior towards the other for the realization of a real moment of urban sharing. A moment that helps to increase the value and visibility of our territory, bringing art and culture among the city streets.

Current & upcoming events

Sorry, there are currently no events scheduled for Bellezze Interiori 2022.

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