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Workshop di tutti i colori

Workshop di tutti i colori

Sunday 16 February 2020 from 15:00 to 18:00, at the museum of Villa Bernasconi will take place the new workshop “The Manifesto of all colors” of Women in White – Society (WiWs) who returns to question and play with the photographer and philosopher Alle Bonicalzi.

Free appointment with obligatory reservation at the website: Villa Bernasconi.

The Manifesto of All Colors

During the workshop, some artistic practices, including creative writing and collage, will alternate and there will be a photo set, to realize the new ‘promotional’ WiWs campaign.

The watchword will be: make them in all colors!
To participate to the set it will be necessary to sign the release that grants the photographer Alle Bonicalzi and the Association the possibility to use the images to promote their activity.
The final images will be made public by the summer and can be shared freely. If desired, you can then buy the fine art print of your portrait in the desired format, at the discounted WiWs prices.

The only mandatory request to participate in the workshop is to wear your favourite colour: from head to toe!

COLOUR means any shade of the light spectrum.
On this occasion, therefore, it will not be possible to wear black and white (which, technically, are non-colours) or even shades of grey.

For more information

Villa Bernasconi
T. (+39) 031 3347209
E-mail: villa.bernasconi@comune.cernobbio.co.it
Website: villabernasconi.eu

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