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Waiting for Christmas 2019 – Carate Urio

Waiting for Christmas 2019 - Carate Urio

Friday, December 6 from 21:00 to 22:30, on the occasion of the 165th anniversary of its founding, the Musical Body of Carate Urio organizes the concert “Waiting for Christmas” with the extraordinary participation of dancers of the Compagnia nazionale danza storica Magia Mask.

Directs the Maestro Marco Gerosa.

Musical Body of Carate Urio

The Musical Body of Carate Urio consists of wind instruments and percussion.
The purpose of the Association, led by President Antonella Venini, is to promote and disseminate musical culture through the organization of concerts and music courses, and accompany the life of the community on civil and religious occasions.


National company dance historian Magic Mask

It seems impossible, but it really happens: to experience the magic and romantic atmosphere of a GRAN BALLO DELL’800 as in Via Col Vento, Il Gattopardo and the saga of Sissi.

To enjoy the emotions, the joy, the tremor of the embrace of a waltz, the harmony of a quadrille, the freshness of a contradiction, the National Company of Historical Dance, directed by Maestro Nino Graziano Luca, carries out an artistic work with the Dance Corps of professional dancers and an intense associative activity.

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Municipalities of Carate Urio
T.: (+39) 031 400132
E-mail: comune.carateurio@pec.provincia.como.it

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