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Sonics in Toren

Sonics in Toren

Saturday, July 06, 2019 at 9:30 pm at the Arena Teatro Sociale in Como will be staged Sonics in Toren, for the Festival Como Città della Musica 2019.

  • Saturday 06 July 2019 at 9:30 pm

In case of bad weather the show will take place in the Theatre where the I AREA will correspond to the stalls/palaces, the II AREA to the galleries. For the III AREA and standing room will be refunded.

Sonics in Toren

Presented as a world premiere at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, strong of that incredible human and artistic experience, Toren is a real “hymn” to color, a symbol of happiness, passion and hope. Toren puts aside dramaturgy to focus on the visual and artistic experimentation of performers. A look at the origins of the company, yet with an aptitude for scenic innovation and performance. The show suggests a reflection: all the magic and emotion that the color is able to create are lost as the human being becomes adult. In the first picture of the show played on the colors of black and white, the idea of a life trapped in the routine materializes, now unable to grasp the thousands and colorful shades of reality. Just turn your point of view upside down and you will immediately slip into a world of color and wonder! Here on stage incredible things begin to happen while emotions take shape in the light games and aerial dances of acrobats. The secret of “Toren” is to start looking at life with different eyes, only at that point white will reveal itself for what it really is, the sum of all colors! “Toren” is a visual show with a thousand shades, where the experiences and adventures of our lives are enclosed, marvellous because they are unpredictable and changeable, as well as the changing scenery with elastics present in the scene, which changes composition, shape and color for each picture, giving us always different images.

The company

The Sonics have always combined athletic gesture and poetry, physical strength and lightness, dance and acrobatics, creating shows with a strong visual impact, always suspended between dream and reality. They draw choreographies by rappelling and interacting with machines and stage equipment of their own conception hung on cranes, American cranes or on the trellis of a theatre. Day by day, in the Sonics Creative Lab, located a few kilometers from Turin, is built, thanks to a solid and close-knit teamwork made of passion, sacrifice and satisfaction, the dream of a group of people and the solidity of a name now appreciated throughout the world. The group has walked the stages of hundreds of theaters, festivals and major events around the world, with extraordinary peaks such as the participation in the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Turin 2006, the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Stadium in Kiev for the European Football Championship in 2012 and the Opening Ceremony of Pitti Uomo in Florence in June 2017.

  • Director: Alessandro Pietrolini
  • Choreographies: Federica Vaccaro, Alessandro Pietrolini
  • Costumes: Ileana Prudente, Caterina Barbero
  • Production: Equipe Eventi sas/Sonics srl

For further information

Arena del Teatro Sociale di Como
Bellini Street 22100 Como
T. +39. 031 270170
Infoline: +39 327 3117975 and +39 031 270170 Monday to Friday, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
E-mail: biglietteria@teatrosocialecomo.it

Festival Como Città della Musica 2019

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