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Dolci in Paese

Sunday, August 4, 2019 from 20:30, do not miss in Naggio, a small village of Grandola and Uniti, an evening for gourmands entitled “Dolci in Paese” with typical sweets prepared with care, but not only:

The square was starting to get narrow: that’s why we brought its charm and traditional sweets along the streets of the hamlet, with the help of friends artists, musicians and performers who will make you choose between sending down a mouthful or stay open-mouthed. We are waiting for you.


  • 20:30: Sweet distribution through the streets of the hamlet
  • 20:30: Surprise shows
  • 22:15: Sbadabeng, or the art of slapping yourself.
    A man, alone. No object, no instrument but one’s own body. A journey between music and theater that will discover unexpected sound situations through singing, mime and body percussion. The performance/show consists of a series of sketches that start from a musical pretext – that of making music using only the body – but that evolve with contaminations of mime and comic theater. An allergic cough attack becomes a beatbox performance; a mime scene of a lady complaining to the waiter at the restaurant becomes a duet of scat and grammelot; a man cleaning his shirt of dirt becomes a performance of body percussion that will drag the audience to experience on their skin what it means to hit to generate sound. A performance that will literally make you slap.

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