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La Giubiera

La Giubiera

Various places, Varenna

The Scanagatta Cultural Association organizes on January 31, the last Thursday of January, the event called “La Giubiera“: a traditional event to chase away the winter. Meeting at 20:30 in Piazza San Giorgio.

It is assumed that this tradition dates back to the time of the first settlements of the Celtic tribes, who began this pagan ritual, with the aim of promoting a good spring, for having abundant harvests. Spring was so greeted with joy and hence the local term of “Jubilee”.
Subsequently the rite turned into a noisy festival for the expulsion of winter. Today, in order to obtain the typical noise of this festival, sheet metal cans, old pots or cowbells are dragged and dropped.

At the end of the parade mulled wine and cake for all.

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