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Flight Band

Flight Band

Sunday, July 21 at 9:15 pm in San Giorgio Square in Varenna, the Flight Band performs in Bird of the cool, a reinterpretation of the famous album by Miles Davis 70 years after its release.

Flight Band directed by Biagio Coppa. Feat: Gabriele Orsi
  • Maurizio Modica – Trumpet
  • Aldo Mariani – Sax soprano
  • Francesco Gilio – Sax high
  • Paolo Branzaglia – sax tenor
  • Riccardo Mestroni – sax baritone
  • Gabriele Orsi – guitar
  • Giuseppe Fiorito – piano
  • Chicco Carrara – electric bass
  • Gino Natalicchio – drums
  • Biagio Coppa – arrangements and direction

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