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Fair of St. Anthony

On Sunday 26 January 2020, will take place the traditional Fair of St. Anthony called “del Bestiame” in Tremezzina, at the Ossuccio Park in via Andrea Castelli.

On the occasion of this Festival, the Pro Loco di Ossuccio will prepare the Tripe – Fair of St. Anthony 2020 from 12:00 at the Sala Civica located in Ossuccio Park.

The Fair of St. Anthony

The Fair of St. Anthony traditionally took place on the last Monday of January, close to the day on which St. Anthony is celebrated, the 17 January.

For more than 50 years the Municipality of Ossuccio has been organizing this fair, now extended to the Municipality of Tremezzina. It is one of the oldest fairs in the territory .

Initially, the sale started from the hamlet of Isola and the fair covered almost the entire village of Ossuccio. The breeders of the area brought their cattle along the streets of the country, as it was customary, both for the inhabitants of Ossuccio and neighboring countries, go to the fair to show and sell their livestock and buy animals.

For a decade the fair has been moved to the Ossuccio Park in Via A. Castles and, to allow maximum participation, is held during the last Sunday of January. In addition, the markets at the fair sell products of various kinds: food and local products.

However, the tradition of inviting a representative of the Tremezzina breeders to exhibit their animals has remained.

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