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Castagne, Streghe e Dintorni 2019

Castagne, Streghe e Dintorni 2019

Also this year returns the XVII edition of “Castagne, Streghe e Dintorni”, the famous festival also known as “The Strii de Ruena” or witch festival in Rovenna, which takes place in the homonymous village of Cernobbio: hot roast chestnuts, typical local dishes, refreshment points, the whole village decorated with festivities and lots of stalls, stands and stalls, concerts, parties, good food and lots of gift ideas…and of course themed clothing, so all dressed as wizards, witches, sorcerers and witches!

Download the complete program of the day.

Castagne, Streghe e Dintorni 2019

How to get there
Shuttle service to/from Rovenna from Cernobbio

From 16 years of age is required a contribution of Euro 1.00 per person through the purchase of 1 lottery ticket “Castagne, Streghe e Dintorni”.

  • Saturday 12 October from 17:00 to 23:30
  • Sunday 13 October from 10:00 to 17:30
Shuttle bus from Cernobbio

Space in front of Villa Bernasconi about 200 meters from the parking lot of Villa Erba with stop at Piazza S. Stefano Primary School Camposolare.

A car will be available for the transport of disabled people, going to the parking lot of Villa Bernasconi.

On Saturday, the wait for the shuttle bus will be enlivened by the ASS. COLOURED STRINGS and on Sunday by CLOWN AIO.

Closing to traffic – Via Libertà (Località Polirolo – Rovenna) WITH EXCLUSION OF RESIDENTS:

  • Saturday 12 October from 14:30 to 24:30
  • Sunday 13 October from 10:00 to 19:00
On foot

For people who decide to walk from Cernobbio to Rovenna, it is possible to visit the 1774 Casnedo wine press and the intriguing and magical village of Stomaino.

Download route: route map.


Originally the event was created and promoted by the Rovenna Sports Group with the theme of chestnuts. Afterwards, the theme of witches was added. The aim was to rediscover the territory and its traditions, in Rovenna inextricably linked to the knowledge of the healing herbs of local women (STREGHE) and the primary source of food and economic livelihood (CASTAGNE). This led to “Chestnuts, Witches and … surroundings”, an event that involves the historic center of Rovenna, a town since 1928 annexed to the City of Cernobbio, with an event that can involve and fascinate thousands of people every year (also reached the 8,000 presences).

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