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Charity Wine Tasting

Charity Wine Tasting

Various places, Cernobbio

Valtellina per Il Giardino della Valle wine tasting will take place on Wednesday 20 November at 18:00 in Cernobbio.

Minimum donation € 20,00 per person.

A great Nebbiolo grape (known locally as Chiavennasca), steep terraced vineyards, heroic viticulture and Sforzato wines from dried grapes all combine to make Valtellina a unique wine region in Italy.
Valtellina wines are a product of hardship and love – just like the story of Il Giardino della Valle, a delightful garden in Cernobbio created and tirelessly cared for by Nonna Pupa. The beauty of Valtellina wines and the beauty of Il Giardino della Valle garden are both ultimate expressions of nature that is carefully nurtured by the dedicated human work.

The symbolic connection between Valtellina and Il Giardino della Valle inspired wine expert, journalist and author Eleonora Scholes to run this guided wine tasting. She will explain the unique features of Valtellina, whose wines were known since the Roman times and highly praised by Leonardo da Vinci.

Two typical red wines will be presented – Rosso di Valtellina and Sforzato di Valtellina, the latter made with the laborious appassimento method.
The tasting will be conducted in English.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to Associazione Il Giardino della Valle, for further support of the garden.

The wine tasting is organized with the kind support of Plozza and Nino Negri wineries, Pasticceria Poletti and Albergo Giardino.

Valtellina per Il Giardino della Valle wine tasting will take place on Wednesday 20 November at 18:00 in Cernobbio.

The number of places is limited, please reserve in advance. The venue will be communicated with the confirmation of your reservation.

RSVP: whatsapp +39 348 9150595

About Il Giardino della Valle

The Association of the “Garden in the Valley” is a non-profit organisation that has as their
principal activity the maintenance and improvement of Il Giardino della Valle (“Garden of the
Valley”), a lovely botanical garden in Cernobbio, on Lake Como, Italy. The project of reclaiming
the land that had been turned into a garbage dump began in the 1980s. It was the inspired idea of
Mrs. Pupa Frati (affectionately known as Grandma Pupa), now 95 and still taking care of the
Garden today.
After many years of daily devotion and determined and passionate activity, the “Garden of the
Valley” became an oasis of tranquility and even today it reflects a tribute to nature, it is a
meeting place for children and adults, artists and travelers, painters and photographers,
musicians, poets and writers. An unprecedented meeting point for the local community and for
the many tourists who visit and love our wonderful Lake Como.
If you wish to join Nonna Pupa and the volunteers to maintain the Garden please do so by contacting:
ilgiardinodellavalle.it or on our Social Media (Facebook and Instagram @ilgiardinodellavalle).
Donations to the garden are always welcome: https://www.paypal.me/ilgiardinodellavalle.

About Eleonora Scholes

Eleonora Scholes is an award-winning wine journalist with 20 years of experience. She runs an
online magazine featuring Italian wines and lifestyle spaziovino.com which she founded in 2012.
Eleonora is an official ambassador for Barolo and Barbaresco wines in the world. She
contributes to the international bestselling wine guide Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book.
Eleonora has lived on Lake Como since 2005, and considers Cernobbio her home. Gardening is
her favourite hobby, and that’s why she is particularly happy to support Il giardino della Valle
through this charitable event.

About Plozza

Plozza is a modern and dynamic winery, founded in 1919, with an annual production of around 350 000 bottles. It is known for a strong spirit of innovation that – back in 1946 – allowed Plozza to be among the first to market Sforzato, the wine of excellence from Valtellina. This innovation continues today with an offer of sought after wines which are also distinguished by
their premium packaging. An example is the “Edition Line” which immediately impresses with
its refined elegance and has engaging minimalist aluminum labels for Chardonnay, Valtellina
Superiore Grumello, Sassella and Inferno, Sforzato, Seduzione and Passione wines. An exclusive
proposal is offered with some iconic products, such as “Supersforzati” N°1 – Numero Uno, Plozza
and 24K, adorned with a label in pure gold.

About Nino Negri

Founded in 1897, Nino Negri has become the symbol of mountain winemaking and a synonym
for Valtellina wines all over the world. Nino Negri has the most extensive vineyard in Valtellina,
with 30 hectares in ownership and 120 hectares managed directly
. Wines of superior quality and
character are literally handcrafted here. All vineyard work, including vineyard management and
the harvest, is done entirely by hand along terraces supported by age-old dry stonewalls.
Director and winemaker Danilo Drocco brings his 30 years of experience working with Nebbiolo
to Valtellina, interpreting it to derive maximum quality while keeping the distinctive Nino Negri

For more informations

Il Giardino della Valle
T. (+39) 031 510714

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