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Artistic and botanical jewel overlooking Lake Como and stunning neo-classical architectural complex, Villa Melzi d’Eril was realized in the early nineteenth century at the behest of Francesco Melzi d’Eril, Duke of Lodi, Vice President of Italian Republic under Napoleon and afterwards Gran Chancellor of the Napoleonic Reign of Italy.

The splendid gardens of Villa Melzi extend along the shore of the lake and fit harmoniously into the hilly landscape of the peninsula of Bellagio, with panoramic views of the Tremezzina.

Of particular charm is the Japanese pond with aquatic plants including water lilies and all around, maples and Japanese cedars. Rich blooms of azaleas and rhododendrons in April and May give life to the colourful meadows and slopes surrounding the villa. The small chapel on the edge of the lake is very picturesque.

The visit includes the chapel, the small museum and the park by the lake, where beautiful groups of azaleas and rhododendrons alternate with magnificent statues.

The walk along the avenue of the plane trees, cut as an umbrella, ends in the large terrace overlooking the lake and in front of the villa, framed by ancient and valuable statues. The family chapel delimits the garden with its splendid neoclassical monuments.

The old orange greenhouse next to the villa is now used as a museum of relics and prints of the first Italian Republic.

Built in neoclassical forms, externally the villa is almost devoid of decorative architectural elements; only the windows, with regular succession, create simple decorative patterns.

The design of Villa Melzi park was entrusted to the important architect Luigi Canonica and the botanist Luigi Villoresi, who had already dealt with the arrangement of Monza Park. The terrain was skilfully adapted with terraces and small bumps. Alongside the traditional botanical choices, and in addition to the exotic ones (typical of the flavour of the era), there is a sculpture ornament distributed throughout the park. like the Egyptian basalt statue of Sekhnetz, goddess of war and a group of sculptures depicting the meeting between Dante and Beatrice.

Villa Melzi d’Eril was built in Bellagio by Francesco Melzi d’Eril, Duke of Lodi, vice-president of the First Italian Republic and personal friend of Napoleon, who wanted to have a summer residence as elegant as the Villa Reale in Monza and other villas on Lake Como.

The project was entrusted to the architect Giocondo Albertolli and the works were carried out from 1808 to 1810, while the park was entrusted to Luigi Canonica and the agronomist Luigi Villoresi, creators of the Park of Monza.

The current owner is Count Gallarati Scotti.

By car
From Como SS583 towards Bellagio
From Lecco SS583-SP583 towards Bellagio
Car Park in Lungolario Manzoni or in Loppia

By train
From Zurig to Como
Every hour trains leave from the Zurig central station directed to Como
Trains directed to Bellagio:
Milan-Como. Trains are available from the Milan Central Station or from the Ferrovie Nord Station directed to Como.

By bus or ferry-boat
Como-Bellagio. There are two possibilities:
1) From the Como station square buses are leaving ten times a day directed to Bellagio.
2) Ferry-boat. The terminal is ten minutes away from the Como station. There it is possible to reach Bellagio by ferry-boat or by steamer.

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