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The city of Lecco, located in the southernmost part of the homonymous branch of Lake Como, has origins dating back to Celtic times, about X century BC, as evidenced by archaeological findings located in the hamlet of Chiuso.

During the high Middle Ages the area of Lecco acquires a remarkable military importance, as a place of crossroads of numerous roads of communication that put in contact Lombardy with the territories beyond the Alps. The region became the scene of clashes and decisive battles, as demonstrated by the archaeological excavations that have brought to light the remains of a castle of the sixth century near Mount Barro.

To date there are few remains of the ancient fortifications of the city of Lecco, the most important is the Visconti Tower, still well preserved, and the Vallo delle Mura, located in Largo Montenero, where you can still see the meadows of the ancient walls.

Further fortification of the village was the Azzone Visconti bridge, still perfectly visible and used, ancient crossroads of commercial traffic.

There are numerous churches scattered around the city, the most famous of which is the Basilica of San Nicolò.

The promenade along the lake, very scenic and relaxing, is flanked by the beautiful Piazza Cermenati, from which many alleys with stores start.

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