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Carnival of Schignano: Parade of February 25th

Carnival of Schignano: Parade of February 25th

The Carnival of Schignano proper goes on stage on Saturday, February 22 and Tuesday, February 25, 2020. It is in this double circumstance that, for years, tourists, schoolchildren and scholars from all over the world flock to witness this incredible journey into the traditions and memories of an entire community.

During the final parade, of the “martedì grasso” (Mardi Gras), the traditional “Carlisepp’s escape” will take place. The puppet impersonating Carnival, will then be promptly captured and burned at the stake, at the end of the evening full of dancing and typical food.

During the parade the local associations intervene with stalls and stands to let guests taste the traditional and tasty local dishes.

Program – Tuesday 25th February 2020
  • 13:45 Meeting with “i Sapeur”
  • 14:00 Meeting of the traditional masks in piazza san Giovanni (Occagno)
  • 14:30 Parade along the streets, to the historical hamlet of Auvrascio and back
  • 16:30 Carlisepp’s escape
  • 24:00 Rogo del Carlisep at midnight in Piazza San Giovanni

The Carnival of Schignano

The Carnival of Schignano is handed down from generation to generation, respecting traditions that enhance the folklore and cultural aspect of one of the most fascinating Carnivals, and for this reason it is often the subject of studies and research.

Accompanied by the notes of the Fughèta, the traditional village band, behind enigmatic masks carved by hand in wood, the Brut capture the attention of the numerous people present with leaps, falls and clothes that recall a humble lifestyle, covered with rags, animal skins and heavy cowbells. Serious, distinguished and covered with lace, laces and trinkets, the Mascarun (the Beii) represent the wealthy class.

Other figures (the Sapoeur, the Ciocia, the Sigurtà, the Carlisepp) then animate the processions, projecting into the contemporary world a glimpse of life of the times that were. Everyone is busy, but no one can speak, except the Ciocia, wife-servant of the Mascarun.

In short, a cheerful confused shambles in which each character has a role and a double task: to preserve an evocative ancient tradition and at the same time give a unique experience, multisensory, to those who choose to enjoy live the colors, sounds, smells and tastes of the Carnival of Schignano, a wonderful destination for a trip on the Lario and its valleys, in search of ancestral rituals handed down from father to son over the centuries.

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