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Mangialonga delle Frazioni 2019

Mangialonga delle Frazioni 2019

Various places, Schignano

Pro Loco Schignano in collaboration with the Municipal Administration, Alpine Group, Musical Body, C.R.I., Hunters Section, Society of Mutual Aid of Support, Friends Pro Schignano, Association La M.A.S.C.H.E.R.A., S.T.L. Schignano, Recital Group organizes the event 10 stages to taste and drink through the hamlets of Schignano.

Many tasty stops to reward the efforts of the walk: walking and good food are in fact the ingredients of the “Mangialonga delle Frazioni” in program Sunday, August 25 in Schignano. The runners-eaters will follow an itinerary of about seven kilometers with different gastronomic stages starting from breakfast with bread cake. The route starts from the handicraft area; the arrival is at the multifunctional centre where the last dish will be served: mixed grill.

Event details

Departure at 9:30 a.m. from the Artisan Area (Parking)

Subscriptions € 20.00 (Under 10 years free) at:

  • Bar Restaurant “BELSIT” – T. +39 342 3262529 – +39 345 8434054
  • Bar CAMINETTO – T. +39 345 7794675

Registration will stop at 1000 participants

Stages – Procurement:

1 – Association “AMICI PRO SCHIGNANO”: Fresh milk – Coffee – Bread cake
2 – Hunters Section Schignano: Cheeseses – Tagliata – Wine – Beverages
3 – Musical body Schignano: Balocia
4 – Mutual Aid Society of Support: Spoon dumplings
5 – S.T.L. Recital: Onion soup
6 – Alpine Group: Potatoes – Boiled Sausages and Bacon
7 – C.R.I.: Melted Cheese – Lard Croutons
8 – La M.A.S.C.H.E.R.A. Association: Chestnuts with cream
9 – PRO LOCO Association – Municipal Administration: Mixed grid

For more information
  • Graziella: +39 339 8969622
  • Alberto: +39 339 4605101

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