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lnternational Guitar Festival 2019 #2

lnternational Guitar Festival 2019 #2

International Guitar Festival – program of the second day

At 16.00 Hotel Bellavista
Workshop “listening to the guitar”

At 17.00 Chiesa Santa Marta
Chitarristi del Conservatorio Guido Cantelli di Novara: Fabio Bussola
opening concert: Davide Ruffini

At 18.30 at Re di Quadri
At 18.30 Filippo Consentino Trio

At 20.45 at Piazza Garibaldi
“Wonderland” Andrea Vettoretti & Alice Guidolin
chitarra e attrice

At 22.00 at Piazza Garibaldi
“Saudalgia” Sergio Fabian Lavia & Dilene Ferraz
voice, guitar and  live electronics

2019 International Guitar Festival (view the festival)

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