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International Guitar Festival 2019 #1

International Guitar Festival 2019 #1

The International Guitar Festival of the Menaggio has come to its twelfth edition. Since its inception the festival has received a large interest from the public that has been growing from year to year. In this way Menaggio has become the scene of an important event that attracts the audience by offering a fascinating journey into the world of the guitar, with its varied sounds and musical languages, from the contemporary classical guitar to fingerpicking, from e South American music to jazz, giving a privileged space to the most innovative techniques of the instrument.

International Guitar Festival – program of the first evening
At 17.30 at Bar Il Gabbiano
Sabrina Morganti & Marco Cases

At 18.30 at Ostello Ristorante La Primula
I.C.F. Musicale SoulArt: Smokin’crickets

At 20.45 at Piazza Garibaldi
Filippo Consentino, Carlo Chirio and Lorenzo Arese
guitar, base e drums

At 22.00 at Piazza Garibaldi
“Dream” Andrea Mele
acoustic guitar

2019 International Guitar Festival (view the festival)

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