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Carnival of Schignano 2019: Parade of March 5

Carnival of Schignano 2019: Parade of March 5

The highlight of the Carnival of Schignano is staged on Saturday, March 2 and Tuesday, March 5. It is in this double circumstance that, for years, tourists, students and scholars from all over the world flock to attend this incredible journey in the traditions and memories of an entire community.

During the final parade, the “of Shrove Tuesday“, will be staged the traditional and awaited “escape of Carlisepp”. The puppet that personifies the Carnival, will then be promptly recaptured and burned at the stake, at the end of the drumming evening of dances and dishes of typical cuisine that will be consumed at the local gym.

During the parades the local associations intervene with stalls and stands to let guests taste the traditional and tasty local dishes.

Programme – Tuesday, 5 March 2019
  • 13:45 Meeting with the Sapeurs
  • 14:00 Meeting of traditional masks in Piazza San Giovanni (Occagno)
  • 14:30 Parade along the streets of the village, to the hamlet of Auvrascio and back
  • 16:00 Escape of the Carlisep
  • 21:00 Vigil with the Fughéta at the restaurant Carpigo
  • 23:30 Zep procession and midnight bonfire in Piazza San Giovanni

For more information about the Carnival of Schignano, please consult the article Carnival of Schignano 2019.

Carnival 2019 at Lake Como

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