Arte Solidale Festival

Arte Solidale Festival 2020

Arte Solidale Festival has always supported minors in need, through charity and raising awareness during its classical music concerts.

This year, in the post-Covid-19 autumn edition, the festival focuses on young talents, performing alongside professional musicians for the four concerts scheduled from 18 September to 4 October, which will take place in compliance with the safety regulations for the sanitary emergency.

The festival has been supporting the Coordinamento Comasco delle Realtà di Accoglienza per minori since the conception of the festival, and in this particularly difficult year, the festival also launched the fundraising campaign Un aiuto per crescere (A help to grow up) in support of the Coordinamento itself, which will run during the same period as the festival.

Current & upcoming events

Sorry, there are currently no events scheduled for Arte Solidale Festival 2020.

Past events

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