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Una sera al Museo #2

Una sera al Museo #2

Thursday, August 29 extraordinary opening of Villa Bernasconi from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Museo Villa Bernasconi

Villa Bernasconi is a new idea of a museum that emotionally involves the visitor, transforming him into a “guest”.
The Museum is in fact a “talking house” and it tells in first person its history and that of those who lived there, from Davide Bernasconi, founder of the homonymous silk weaving active until 1971.
In this house you can live a modern cultural experience, multisensory, innovative and interactive, between historical documents and multimedia content that allow you to browse through the drawers or answer the phone.

  • € 8,00 full price
  • € 5,00 reduced price
  • free under 14 and over 75

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Museum Villa Bernasconi
T. +39 031 3347209

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