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Till The End

Till The End

Friday, April 5 at 21:00 Floraleda presents within the review LakeComo International Music Festival 2019, organized by the Association Amadeus Art, a harp and electronic concert at the San Teodoro Theatre, Cantù (CO).

After a brilliant classical career Floraleda debuts with #Darklight, her first project for harp and electronics, an unusual musical journey with the harp and a project with a new style for this instrument. The critics have rewarded this musical project presented in over thirty concerts around the world. Likewise, the public has made #Darklight the harp record of history that has mostly climbed the charts. Floraleda in “Till the End” presents pieces by Darklight and her new compositions for “amplified” harp, that is elaborated in real time and combined with samples and electronic material created by her. A hypnotic and magical journey to discover new sounds, up to the last note.

Information and Costs
  • Full price: € 10,00
  • Reduced*: € 9,00
  • BCC**: € 8,00
  • 50 %***: € 5,00

*Reduced: -30 / +65, members: Parolario, Chiostrino Artificio, Allineamenti, Trebisonda, Ass. FuoriTraccia, Libera, Aism, Emergency, Gabbiano, Asvap6, cooperativa Attivamente, Allievi Accademia Teatrando, Soci cooperativa Progetto Sociale, Soci CAI Cantù
**BCC: members BCC, Amici del teatro and students.
***50%: differently abled, under 14

For information: lakecomofestival.com

LakeComo International Music Festival 2019 (view the festival)

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