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Shiatsu: free preliminary course

Shiatsu: free preliminary course

The third of three free lessons scheduled on 5th, 12th and 19th November, from 14:00 until 18:30, promoted by Don’t Worry Be Shiatsu Association, in cooperation with Hakusha Shiatsu and Moxa Institute and under the aegis of Municipality of Cernobbio: to transform your talent in passion.

Shiatsu (from shi=finger and atsu=pressure) is a body massage technique that has been spreading in Japan since 6th century and that has its origins in the traditional Chinese forms of manipulation and massage. The shiatsu operators promote it as a way to help the effectiveness of pharmacological treatments, to improve relaxation and to cope with the body diminished autoimmune capacity increased by factors such as stress and depression.

Hakusha Shiatsu and Moxa Institute, directed by Dr Maurizio Parini and founded in 1986 by Mario Vatrini, direct pupil of Master Musanga, is an historic point of reference in the Italian Shiatsu panorama: it boast over twenty-five years of experience in teaching and forming professionals and teachers.

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Phone: +39 335 5605731 – E-mail: dontworrybeshiatsu@gmail.com
Phone: +39 031 273893 – E-mail: como@hakusha.it

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