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Please note that all scheduled events may be subject to change or cancellation due to regional order about coronavirus. Please contact the organizers directly for more information about single events.

Second Hand Books Market for 1 Euro

Sunday, September 15 in Piazza Garibaldi in Menaggio takes place the usual appointment with the book market for 1 euro by the Association “In Viaggio” and the Coordination of Peace.

The proceeds will be entirely donated to Marco Rodari, Associazione Per Far Sorridere il Cielo, Claun Il Pimpa Onlus.

For info: David +39 339 6958605 – Maximum +39 0344 31469

If you have books at home that do not interest you anymore, you can prune them directly at the sale.

Associazione Per Far Sorridere il Cielo

The Association “Per Far Sorridere il Cielo” – Claun il Pimpa – Odv was founded in March 2015 in Leggiuno on the initiative of Marco Rodari (clown engaged for years in the war zones) to bring a smile to all children.
The aim of the Association is to take care of children who have suffered physical and mental trauma as a result of a war or are still living.

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