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Feast of San Martino for the children

Sunday, 20th November, at 17:30 in Tremezzo, as every year, the usual appointment with the feast of San Martino dedicated to the children is back.

San Martino, an officer’s son, was called on military service in France when he was 15 years old and, during his military life, he had a vision that became the most famous event of his life. He was at the gates of the town of Amiens, with his soldiers, when he met a half-naked beggar. On an impulse, he cut his military cloak in two and he shared it with the poor. That same night he dreamt that Jesus went to him and gave him back the half of the cloak he had shared with the beggar. He heard Jesus telling his angels. “Here is Martino, the Roman soldier who isn’t christened, he saw me.” The legend says that when Martino woke up his cloak was intact. The dream had such an effect on Martino that he was christened on the same day and became a Christian. At 22 years old, he left the army and led a monastic life. San Martino became the patron saint of the beggars.

The meeting will be at 17:30 in the highest part of the park of the Parish Church of San Lorenzo in Tremezzo. The children with the lamps will wait for San Martino to arrive by horse, after which they will all reach the church square, where San Martino will meet the poor and will share his cloak with him. A prayer, a chant and the blessing of the bread will follow: as San Martino shared his cloak, they will share the consecrated bread.

At 19:00, in the parish recreation centre, a hot dish, risotto with luganega, will also be shared. The evening will be the occasion to take offerings to donate to the victims of the earthquake that hit Central Italy.

“Sharing is good not only for the others, but also for us” – Don Luca

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