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Racconti nella [della] natura, autunno

Racconti nella [della] natura, autunno

Sunday, October 13, 2019at Villa del Grumello, Cernobbio event “Racconti nella [della] natura, autunno”.

Theatrical and photographic narratives, of and for adults and children, spread in the beautiful context of Grumello: story of a special place – with its trees, flowers, animals, views, characters and architecture – but also stories “of awareness” and stories of life.


  • Time: 10:00-18:00 o’clock
  • Place: Serra del Grumello
See-points in EXHIBITION

Exhibition of a selection of works made by participants in the lessons of visual story telling, curated by Daniela Manili Pessina with the collaboration of Andrea Butti

  • Place: Serretta del Grumello

Colours and Geometries of the Grumello
Photographic exhibition with shots by Andrea Butti

  • Time: 10:30-11:00 am
  • Place: Parterre Villa del Grumello, Park
I’ll tell you about the Grumello

A walk in the green by the staff of the Association Villa del Grumello
Landscape, history, characters, botany and architecture intertwine in a tale of the place, which spans the centuries to lead to today’s projects.
Participation € 5,00.
Reservation recommended: parco@villadelgrumello.it

  • Time: 11:30-12:15 am
  • Place: Villa del Grumello
The fantastic five

Essay of the children participating in the course of “theatre and nature” Teatralberi by Cristina Quadrio, Gruppo Fata Morgana.
The happy brigade of itinerant gardeners has finally arrived in the Grumello Park! A little clown, a little acrobat, a little barker, with a great passion for all plants and flowers. Here they are, our fantastic five, ready to satisfy every need and to heal every evil of trees, hedges, meadows, brothers, cousins, mothers, dads, gentlemen, ladies, aunts and grannies…
Good stories and good plants to all!

  • Time: from 15:30 to 16:15
  • Place: Villa del Grumello
Great cabaret!

Figure theatre show by “I Nuovi Burattinai”.
In the splendid setting of the Park of the Villa del Grumello, fantastic characters appear, singing, dancing, warbling songs and music from a surprising repertoire.
In the best tradition of variety, tenderness, fun, music and play are staged in a succession of songs and animations for a colorful review of situations: hands, knees, objects, glasses, feathers and puppets are the protagonists of many small stories, for a show that will not fail to amaze and entertain young and old.
“I Nuovi Burattinai” is a heterogeneous group, formed by professional artists and puppeteers and homeless people, who suffer forms of social exclusion. A project promoted by Associazione Vicini di Strada (La Rete Comasca degli enti e dei servizi per la grave marginalità) and supported by Fondazione Caritas.

  • Time: 17:00-18:15 hours
  • Place: Villa del Grumello
Ignored dreams

by the Ibuka Amizero Theatre Company
Six women, six stories of immigration, some close and heartbreaking, others distant and exciting, all true: here is the common root of the stories that animate the show.
A simple dramaturgical structure where the various passages of the narration are accompanied and interspersed with a musical fresco, an ad hoc sound path that makes use of refined interventions that lead away in space and time …
The Ibuka Amizero Company tells stories of women giving voice to those who usually do not have any, through the use of different communication registers and languages, stimulating reflection and opening to hope and change. These are the objectives shared by the group, which substantiate each story staged.

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