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Photographic exhibition by Gianluca Aggi

Photographic exhibition by Gianluca Aggi

From 26 May to 2 June 2019 at the characteristic Museo Casa Rurale di Carcente, San Siro will host the solo exhibition of Gianluca Aggi: cosmopoli36scatti.

Sunday, May 26 at 15:00 the exhibition will open with Italy beautiful shown kind, meeting in music with the Popular Music Group Altrocanto.

Gianluca Aggi

Music (jazz, but not only) and a book in my backpack always accompany me in a new reality, almost imaginary and parallel. My photographic, social and cultural research starts (almost always) like this. I prefer urban explorations but the lake or the sea sometimes reserve surprises. Like the French street photographers of the mid-twentieth century, apparently wandering without a precise destination. I am a dreamer but also a careful observer and cosmopolitan36scatti is a project born, almost unconsciously, in the early 2000s, gave a language to my dreams, to my looks.

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Prisons Rural House Museum
T. +39 340 9329266
E-mail: casaruralecarcente@gmail.com

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