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Natural Being. From Brasil. Myth and Nature

Natural Being. From Brasil. Myth and Nature

Solo exhibition of the botanical artist Margherita Leoni at Villa Carlotta, Tremezzina- Lake Como.

Her works tells us about cultural diversities and the balance between humans and nature. In her paintings, the artist examines native legends, the truth of being and the deep connection between myth and nature.

Margherita Leoni (born in Bergamo, in 1974) has graduated at the School of Fine Arts in Brera. In the same year she lived for six months in the reserve Biologica de Quebrangulo (Biological Reserve in Quebrangulo), where she began to depict on paper the various species living in the wild Brasilian forest. Hence his work comes alive -a work dedicated to wild forests, paying specific attention to Brasilian biomes: the rainforest in Amazzonia, the moist tropical forest and the cerrado.

In 1999 she moved to Brasil. From 2000 to 2001 she studied Botanical Morphology and Systematic Botany at University San Paolo. She struck up a solid friendship with the botanist specialized in the study and safeguard of wild plants in Brasil, who has been collecting 3500 plant species mainly of wild plants in Jardim botanico Plantarum (Botanical garden) in Nuova Odessa since 1990.

She has been exhibiting in public spaces and international art galleries since 2000.

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