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Concert: “Cammino musicale al Sacro Monte di Ossuccio”

Saturday, May 5 at 9pm at the Basilica of San Fedele in Como the non-profit organization “Between Capo and Collo” organizes the concert “Cammino musicale al Sacro Monte di Ossuccio”

He will perform the polyphonic choir “Pieve d’Isola” , directed by Guido Bernasconi. The reciting voice will be Angiola Baggi . Starting at 8:30pm there will be a slide show on the theme of the evening.

The “Pieve d’Isola” Polyphonic Choir was in 1996 and is made up of singers from the Lake Como area called “Zoca de l’Oli” and from other coastal villages and from the nearby Valle d ‘Intelvi. He has dedicated himself to the study of sacred polyphonic music, developing a repertoire that includes authors ranging from ‘500 up to our days. In 2003, he took part in the 2nd Vocal Polyphony Competition in Lugano, finishing in 4th place and, in 2005, he presented concerts for the commemorative events of the 17th century musician from Como, Francesco Spagnoli Rusca. Participated in a project (with the participation of several Piedmontese, Lombard and Swiss choirs) for the enhancement of the Sacred Mountains, it is validly distinguished from the Third Choral Song Contest in Valtellina, in the Madonna di Tresivio Sanctuary (Sondrio) in 2003 and, in 2007, he proposed concerts for the celebrations of the Fourth Centenary of the death of Cardinal T. Gallio.
Promoter of musical evenings on the theme of “The Way”, of which he developed the musical and choral aspects of Como, Lombardy and Como, in 2014, he performed in the Cathedral of Como, for the event “The Musical Firmament”, with a concert tied at icons written by Flavio Arosio. In 2016, he performed in the Basilica of S. Marco in Venice and collaborated with the “Santa Croce” Choir of Vacallo and “O. di Lasso” in Milan and the “Moltrasio” Band. The Honorary President, Mr. Michele Canepa, gave value to the birth and development of the Choir. The current President of the Choir is Elena Berenato.

Entry is a free offer. The proceeds will be allocated to the social association that deals with the social and health care of the rights affected by cancer disease of the head-neck district and their family members.

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