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Il Broletto – 2019

Il Broletto - 2019

From 7th to 23rd December 2019 at the Palazzo del Broletto will take place the exhibition Amiamo Il Pianeta for the event Como Città dei Balocchi.
At the Broletto many exciting workshops for children are waiting for you.

Children can explore a fantastic forest inhabited by magical creatures who love our world.

In this enchanted place you can meet animals of the imagination and trees of wood and silk to immerse us in a colorful and enchanted atmosphere.
The children will explore the woods and, as in a game, they will find the secret hiding places of the magical animals.
In these spaces they can listen to their stories and learn some tricks to preserve their habitat and take care of the environment.
They will find a collection of unconventional materials with fabrics, woods, buttons, paper, copper wires to invent works of eco art.
The reuse of these materials promotes the idea that waste, the imperfect, is the bearer of a message, thus escaping the definition of useless and waste.
Children, will become sensitive explorers having fun and creating with materials to offer them a second creative life to build a sustainable future.
The proposals will involve local associations that have been working on this theme for some time.
The Italian association Unione ciechi ed ipovedenti (Blind and Visually Impaired Union) will offer a sensory experience to get to know the forest in a new way.
The laboratories of Asprolegno will be an opportunity to learn the techniques of woodworking by building spins and tactile memory.
Luminanda and Mondovisione await all children at the Broletto transformed for the occasion into a place to grow, explore the world with new eyes and discover the inhabitants of the fantastic forest, by the artist Marco Bellotto.

Como Città dei Balocchi 2019 (view the festival)

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