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GONG GARDEN – Sara Usai & Holistic Sound Project

GONG GARDEN - Sara Usai & Holistic Sound Project

Sunday, June 28th, 2020 at Villa Parravicini-Revel, Como, at 6:00 p.m. the event “GONG GARDEN – Sara Usai & Holistic Sound Project” is organized, the second appointment of the LakeComo International Music Festival 2020.

Event organized in collaboration with FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano.

Notes for participation
  • Free entrance with compulsory registration.
  • Access to the Villa from the lakefront gate (walk Villa Olmo).
  • Please bring your own pillow or mattress.
  • I start at 6:00. We close the door strictly at 18:30 so as not to disturb and interrupt the experience of those who participate.
  • The gong bath takes about 1 hour.

Gong Garden – Sara Usai & Holistic Sound Project®

The gong bath is an ancient form of meditation with sound. It combines gongs and other instruments: Tibetan harmonic bowls, shells, Shruti box, crystal harp, etc. The sounds created produce many frequencies between 4 and 14 Hz which rebalance the brain waves and at the same time the intensity of the vibrations gives the feeling of being immersed in sound like in water. The experience develops as a concert and follows the natural body rhythms, making the participants forget the sense of time.

This event is absolutely experiential and unique. In fact, it will be held in the garden of Villa Parravicini-Revel overlooking Como lakefront between the hangar and Villa Olmo. As it is a private property the villa opens especially for the occasion and the participants will be able to enjoy in a unique context this sound experience that will give them wellness and a boost also for several days after the evening.

Anti-contage rules

Participating in a show will not be as easy as before, but neither will it be as different from going to a store or supermarket. We suggest you to live it calmly and consider various oddities as a small show inside the show also because it is not possible to do otherwise if you decide to participate.

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For more information and tickets

Ticket booking link: lakecomofestival.com
Website: contact page lakecomofestival.com

LakeComo International Music Festival 2020 (view the festival)

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