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Glicerio Mezzani

Glicerio Mezzani

Born in Bormio, the artist now lives on Lake Como, where he paints with mastery and talent. In his works he shows his own identity, full of happiness, sadness, poetry and fantasy, with the love for his land, where he lives in close contact with nature.

Glicerio Mezzani was born Bormio in 1945. After studying at the Brera Academy in Milan, he started working and eventually had an exhibition at New York’s Lincoln Center that attracted more than 15000 visitors. He then won the First National Small Format Prize and a gold medal at the Tiberian Academy in Rome.
He has received numerous acknowledgements and shown in Brusselles, Melbourne, Sidney and Italy’s main cities. His paintings certainly reflect his personality, a triumph of ingenious, perfectionist craftsmanship that makes quite a clear statement about his spontaneous personality.

Glicerio ca n be defined as a continuation of the great masters who in the past earned themselves the epithet of “painters of reality”, a kind of art that is projected into the future because the contents themselves free the artist from the fluctuation of fashions.

Faithful to the image he is painting, Glicerio’s work requalifies the true universal concept of art. Like every artist, Glicerio sometimes breaks out of what would normally be seen as his style, so we find him doing abstract paintings that are somehow still quite real, because they convey what the artist is painting not only with his brush, but also with his personality, full of joy-sadness-poetry and imagination.

This is a painter who loves the land where he lives in touch with nature, avoiding the great industrial conurbations.

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