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Gala Concert Santa Cecilia

Gala Concert Santa Cecilia

Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 16:00, will be held the Concert Gala Santa Cecilia, at the Auditorium of the Istituto Comprensivo Statale della Tremezzina, by the Musical Body “Vittorio Veneto” directed by the master Josuè Sureda.

Musical Body “Vittorio Veneto”

The musical body “Vittorio Veneto” was officially founded in 1893, when a group of passionate musicians met under the direction of Maestro Ferrario, establishing its headquarters in Tremezzo.
The direction is later entrusted to the master Beltrami.
This was succeeded by the maestro Della Fonte who was to lead the activity of the complex until the forced interruption (concerning most of the band corpses) caused by the advent of the Second World War.

Reconstituted in 1959 under the direction of Maestro Pietro Battistessa di Dongo, the musical body draws strength from the support and enthusiasm of Countess Nora Sola Cabiati who becomes its president.

Since then, several masters have followed one another, such as Maestro Cuccato, Maestro Meroni, Maestro Stella, Maestro Rasella, Maestro Canino and numerous musicians, up to the present day.

Important and prestigious historical milestones for the musical body, which often extends its performance beyond the borders of the Tremezzina, were the participation in the band gathering held at the Arena di Verona (1966 – ’67), the participation in the gathering of “Azzano d’Italia”, a day when you meet the 12 “Azzano” (towns and villages) in Italy and the participation from 2008 to the LarioFestival Bandistico.

For more information

Municipality of Tremezzina
T.: (+39) 0344 40412
E-mail: info@comune.tremezzina.co.it

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