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St. Giulio’s Island through the centuries

The iconographic exhibition of St. Giulio’s Island through the centuries will be open on Saturday 27 August at 11am at the Antiquarium Museum “Luigi Mario Belloni e Mariuccia Zecchinelli”, located in Ossuccio (Tremezzina).

In 962 a.C. the Emperor Ottone I of Sassonia besiged St. Giulio’s Island, Lake Orta, when he came to Italy in order to impose his dominion over Berengario d’Ivrea, who proclaim himself King of Italy. Regina Willa, Berengario’s wife, installed in St. Giulio’s Island, Berengario’s children, Adalberto and Guido, in Comacina Island. The two Island are linked by the history.

Architectural and panoramic evolutions of St. Giulio’s Island are showed by the exhibition in iconographic ways, from the first remains in the past until today.

This is the sixth occasion to show the traveling exhibit, curated by the San Giulio School during a didactic activity with the great help of “Cusius” Association (Novara).

The Associazione Promozione Isola Comacina, coordinator and manager of the Antiquarium Museum and Isola Comacina, with the Tremezzina Town Hall, are glad to host this exhibition that links two Islands, Comacina and St. Giulio, closed for their history, but with different ends.

Ecletticasports is the sponsor of the exhibition. This association, with Tremezzina Town Hall, organized “Un tuffo nella storia”: the swim around Comacina Island. A great event that will take place Saturday 3 september.

Opening Time:
from Saturday 27 August to Saturday 10 september
Every day from 10am to 5pm
Free Entry

Raccolta Museale Antiquarium, loc. Ossuccio, Comune di Tremezzina
Tel. 0344 56369 – info@isola-comacina.it

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