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Exhibition of Tito Fornasiero

Exhibition of Tito Fornasiero

From Tuesday 25 June to Monday 1 July at the exhibition hall in Piazza Garibaldi in Menaggio you can admire the works of the artist Tito Fornasiero.

Tito Fornasiero

Tito Fornasiero lives and works in Rho and has always been a lover of painting. In 2002, he was fascinated by some of Oscar Kokoschka’s watercolours.

Thanks to that meeting I began my adventure with watercolor – says the painter – First as self-taught, then attending until 2007 the courses of master Luigi Zucchero and, since 2008, the school of master Angelo Gorlini. The watercolor has thus become part of my life. I love to vary subject and experiment, I try to convey the emotions created by the encounter between water and color.

Tito Fornasiero is a member of the Italian Purchasing Association (The Hague); his website is bluoltremare.blogspot.com

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