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Exhibition of Pio Serafini

Exhibition of Pio Serafini

From Tuesday 8 May to Monday 14 May the Menaggio exhibition hall in Piazza Garibaldi hosts the personal exhibition of Pio Serafini .

Pio Serafini

Pio Serafini is an architect, musician and painter from Ascoli.
It is in the deeper sense of the term because, in addition to electing the territory of Piceno often to be a favorite subject of its work, and also the depositary of a pictorial tradition typically Ascolan: together with an evident influence of the best French post-impressionist painting, by Cezanne in Chagall, Serafini’s work is found in the wake of the illustrious Ascoli painters Dino Ferrari and Ernesto Ercolani, the starting point for an original interior deformation of the visual element.
Research on environments, Typically silent and devoid of the Human Presence, It is always an inner research, Which inclines the urban agglomerates and the fields, the mountains and the skies, come if the wave of memory and memories breaks on Reality SAME bending it , making it evanescent contours and distinctive traits.
The color, the Che captures and draws the eye In the composition, It is also expressive, often anti-naturalistic, from the timbre now lit now cupi, capable of condensing the light nia volumes of the subjects represented: the landscapes of Marche, with the campaigns they become tapestries made up of the “fabrics” of the different cultures, but also the city of Ascoli, with its enterprises as immobile and solitary towers as metaphysical finds; And then the ANIMALS of the still lively rural tradition, among which the cock stands out, a recurrent element of its production, treated in a futuristic way almost, convergence and explosion of dynamic lines and bright colors, true “trait d’union” between tradition and intensity emotional and compositional dynamism.
He has often exhibited in Ascoli and in the territory, in major Italian cities and also abroad.

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