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Down the Volga – A Rivermovie

Down the Volga - A Rivermovie

Opening film of the first edition of LONGSCAPES, a section of Lake Como Film Festival dedicated to feature films, still unreleased in Italy, highlighting the close connection between cinema and landscape.

Down the Volga – A Rivermovie (Netherland, 2016. 69 minutes) directed by Saskia Boddeke
Original language: Russian. English subtitles.

An exciting and emotional journey from Moscow to Astrakhan along the Volga River, Europe’s longest river extending 2,294 miles.
Faces, words and images of an endless landscape stretching far from the water before our eyes: Saskia Boddeke stops to observe the surrounding architectural and natural beauty, and shows us a universe of traditions, practices, religions, trades and cultures

Lake Como Film Festival 2016

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