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Domenico Rizzi and his new novel

Domenico Rizzi and his new novel

Friday, 11th November, at 21:00, at Lenno’s Local Library, Domenico Rizzi will introduce his new novel “Prairie Dog Sunset”: the story of a man from fall to success.

Domenico Rizzi is a writer and essayist, a real expert in American Western history, about which he published numerous books. He was born in Pavia, but has lived for years in Menaggio, on the western shores of Lake Como, and due to his competence on the subject of his works, he is considered to be one of the greatest experts in Italy. He has lately decided to alternate Western historic essays and novels, mainly Western.

His last novel “Prairie Dog Sunset” narrates the adventures of Frank Lamar and those of a small town in Wyoming, going over the rise and the decline of an era. The whole novel revolves around the life of a man, who, as many border men, has the only ambition to carry on in places to colonise.

“In all his life he only sailed once on a lighter along the Tennessee River, from his farm as far as Knoxville…Now the Atlantic Ocean looked like an immense liquid stretch to which the cloudy sky gave a leaden colour.”

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