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DIAPASON – Piano Solo

DIAPASON – Piano Solo

Friday July 3, 2020, 5:30 p.m., at Villa Carlotta, Tremezzina, will take place the concert “DIAPASON – Piano Solo” by Roberto Cacciapaglia (Pianoforte), appointment of the LakeComo International Music Festival 2020.

DIAPASON – Piano Solo

After having travelled all over Italy, the United States and having thrilled Russia, China and Turkey with the “Diapason Worldwide Tour”, elected at Carnegie Hall “Best Live Concert 2019″ by the American magazine “Bluebird Reviews”, Roberto Cacciapaglia now presents in concert the unpublished works of his latest work “Diapason”, in a solo version of the album in which the piano and its sound will be the central and unique element.

Focused on the purity of sound “Diapason” is an unmissable opportunity to enjoy live, in a context made even more intimate by the limited number of seats, the music of Roberto Cacciapaglia, his latest works and some of the songs that have made him known to the general public from the beginning until the soundtrack of the Tree of Life for Expo in Milan.


Free admission up to 14 years of age. Please send an email if you have children with you for the seating arrangement and safety distance.

Concert ticket + garden + museum: € 15,00 + € 1,24 commission
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Roberto Cacciapaglia

Roberto Cacciapaglia (Milan, December 28, 1953) is an Italian composer and pianist. He is a protagonist of the most innovative international music scene for his music, which integrates classical tradition and electronic experimentation. For a long time he has been conducting research on the powers of sound, in the direction of a music without boundaries that expresses itself through a deep emotional contact.

Anti-contage rules

Participating in a show will not be as easy as before, but neither will it be as different from going to a store or supermarket. We suggest you to live it calmly and consider various oddities as a small show inside the show also because it is not possible to do otherwise if you decide to participate.

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