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Di Donne in Donna

Di Donne in Donna

On April 6th 2019 begins the sixth exhibition of the Stazione Artificio Festival at the Chiostrino Artificio di piazzolo Terragni: Di Donne in Donna (From Women to Woman), curated by Giuseppe Cascone for Nanaré Art.

In this exhibition the artists BettyBellù and Claudia Ferrari redefine themselves as women through a philosophical and expressive research.

Thanks to the work and artistic research and exploration of these artists:

the woman’s image is regenerated in a new identity. It is an hug from woman to woman. It is not a conquest, but a journey together along a path of discoveries and emotions communicated in the secret language of feminine intimacy.

BettyBellù is the nickname of Elisabetta Orsenigo and Anna Bellù.
Betty and Anna create together, with four hands, intense and unique paintings from 2014.
The work done on the same canvas is easily recognizable by some details attributable to each of them while the complementarity of character and pictorial technique successfully unifies them in the entirety of the work, giving their creations a proper sense of balance and a formidable synthesis of sign and thought.

Claudia Ferrari
Following an expressive impulse triggered by the search for his own visual identity, the artist declines 18 years of experience in graphic design in sketches, watercolors and canvases bold and introspective. Studies in sociology and psychology of art, together with experiments in screen printing, digital illustration and textile design, accompany her in a journey of conjunction between inner investigation and artistic expression.
Thanks to her meeting with Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin, she discovered contemporary oil painting based on sediments and solvents, construction and destruction. Methodology at the base of the latest realizations. His production investigates the internal deformations of feelings, emotions and thoughts in their path from parts of the self to splinters of changed and mutilated identity.

Stazione Artificio - season 2018/2019

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