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CROSSOVER – Duo Grandesso (sax and accordion)

Friday, July 17, 2020 at Villa Carlotta, Tremezzina, at 5:30 p.m. the event “CROSSOVER – Duo Grandesso (sax and accordion)” is organized, the third appointment of the LakeComo International Music Festival 2020.

Event organized in collaboration with Villa Carlotta.


Concert + garden + museum entrance ticket: € 15,00 + € 1,24 commission

CROSSOVER – Duo Grandesso (sax e fisarmonica)

Famous melodies will take you on a musical walk in the garden of Villa Carlotta.

Music by Girotto, Iturralde, Galliano, Demersseman.

Duo Grandesso (sax e fisarmonica)

Damiano Grandesso has performed more than thirty performances of composers from all over the world dedicated to him and regularly holds masterclasses in various countries such as Italy, Spain, Serbia or even in Asia and South America.

Marcello Grandesso he is an accordionist, winner of the first prize at the International Competition of Stresa, he gives concerts from the cultured to the ethnic, ranging from electronics to experimentation.

Anti-contage rules

Participating in a show will not be as easy as before, but neither will it be as different from going to a store or supermarket. We suggest you to live it calmly and consider various oddities as a small show inside the show also because it is not possible to do otherwise if you decide to participate.

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For more information and tickets

Ticket booking link: lakecomofestival.com
Website: contact page lakecomofestival.com

LakeComo International Music Festival 2020 (view the festival)

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