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Museum Casa Rurale of Carcente exhibits Ciro Paolo Belvedere

Museum Casa Rurale of Carcente exhibits Ciro Paolo Belvedere

Sunday, 30th October, at 14:30, at the Museum Casa Rurale of Carcente, on the occasion of the beginning of the retrospective of Ciro Paolo Belvedere, vernissage with roasted chestnuts and good wine for everybody.

The Museum Casa Rurale of Carcente, an old country house, restored and maintained as left by its last owners, was founded with the aim of collecting objects, stories and evidences of the past, to keep the memories of those who lived here alive, to give roots to those who wanted to come back, to create a point of aggregation and to host cultural events able to enhance the place.

From 30th October until 6th November, the museum will host a retrospective by artist Ciro Paolo Belvedere, with his paintings that mix popular art, symbolism and surrealism, creating poetic canvas suspended between the grotesque and the magic, between the diabolical and the infantile.

Ciro Paolo Belvedere was born in Saronno (VA) in 1970. Eclectic and self-taught artist, he started painting in 1994 after a short stay in Mexico. A year after he had como back to Italy, he moved to France, to Paris first and then to Provence, until September 2000. From 2001 until 2014 he supervised the LBArte art gallery in Saronno. In 2008 he became artistic director of the Punto al Centro Association. In 2014 he also moved to Lake Como, to Menaggio, where he still lives and works.

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