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Carnival of Barbarossa 2019

Carnival of Barbarossa 2019

The Circolo A.I.C.S. of Brienno organizes the 24 February 2019 Barbarossa Carnival in Brienno, a historical re-enactment linked to the tradition of a relic present in the Parish Church of S.S. Nazaro and Celso.

The whole thing is born from a real relic that, as written, is in the parish and of which little is known. The whole legend of Barbarossa takes its cue from this and no one can tell us whether or not it is really “past” from Brienno.

  • 15:00 magic for children and arrival of Barbarossa with reading of the imperial bubble
  • 16:00 tournament smugglers and guards with the extraordinary participation of the Cimino*

*This is a race that evokes the memories of smuggling as hard work in the moments of unemployment and hunger that followed the wars. They imported goods like cigarettes in violation of customs laws, avoiding the payment of taxes due.

During the event you can taste apple fritters, patatatine, chocolate and vin brulè. Welcome are all children who want to participate masks!

Carnival 2019 at Lake Como

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