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Boscultura 2019 #4

Sunday, June 9  last appointment with the 2019 Edition of the natural art event “Boscultura” which takes place every year in Schignano.

The meeting point is at Sassetto (Sasso Gordona) for a guided tour of the sculptures of the Sentiero delle Espressioni with the presence of a geologist who will explain the formation of the territory. The appointment with the guide Ersaf and the mask-makers is set at 9:30 am.

The day will continue with a lunch at the farm La Pratolina for the final greetings.

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Associazione La M.A.SCH.E.R.A. di Schignano
T. +39 031 822003
M. +39 339 2650424 o +39 349 7596409
E-mail: info@lamascheraschignano.it

Boscultura 2019

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