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Ateliers Concert

Ateliers Concert

The Ateliers Concert, second appointment of the Music on the Water Festival takes place in the stunning scenario of the Abbey of Piona, a beautiful example of Romanasque architecture.

This international Festival was founded in 2005 to celebrate the foundation of the Sperimental School of Music. “R.Goitre”, in order to give an opportunity to young people to get close to the amazing world of music.

The Ateliers Concert is an important moment inside the festival, that involves young artists discovering their creative abilities.

F.J. Haydn (1732–1809)
Sinfonia in re maggiore Hob. I n.1

C. Serino (1973-)
“Petite Histoire”
based on the Histoire du Soldat by I. Stravinsky e C.F. Ramuz.

Script – Ragazzi Ateliers – La Grande Fabbrica delle Parole
Installations – Ragazzi Ateliers – Velasco Vitali

Young Orchestra of the Festival
Mime Group of the Festival
Percussion instruments Ensemble of the Festival

Cristiano Serino direttore
Tony Lopresti mime director
Christian Guyot percussion
Roberto Armocida sax
Anton Dressler clarinet
Francesco Senese violin
Socrate Verona violin
Danusha Waskiewicz viola
Simone Briatore viola
Umberto Clerici cello
Kerem Brera cello
Francesco Martignon cello
Daniele Carnio double bass

Festival Musica sull'Acqua 2016 (view the festival)

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