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20 years later

20 years later

Fabrizio Musa, was born in Como, Italy 1971, he lives and works in Como and New York.

“Musa studies the language of architecture and translates it on canvas into the language of painting to surprising effect. Musa works with light as I work with the configuration of architectural spaces. He will, for example, turn the shadows created by the three dimensional work into black and white forms on canvas. For me it is a test of the “tightness” of my own work. Where architecture has always been conceived of in terms of space and three-dimensional structures, it is extraordinary to see it spread flat and re-interpreted in way that I would never have imagined. What is so surprising is that such a reading, which leaves the third dimension to the imagination, like a relief map or an X-ray plate, yields the most poetic of results.”

Arch. Mario Botta

Opening Time

from Tuesday to Saturday
from 3:30pm to 7:00pm
closed on Monday

Info: carlo@carlopozzoni.it – +39 335 8095646

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